Philando Castile

32 years old

On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was shot and killed by Jeronimo Yanez in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

Castile was in his car with his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4 year old daughter when he was pulled over by Yanez and another officer.

Yanez approached the vehicle and asked for Castile’s license and registration. Castile then told the officer that he was in possession of a firearm, to which Yanez replied “don’t reach for it then.”

Castile, reaching for his registration, tried to assure Yanez that he was not reaching for the firearm, but Yanez, fearing that he was, fired at Castile a total of 7 times at close range, hitting him 5 times.

Castile’s girlfriend, Reynolds, began filming on Facebook live immediately after the altercation. She converses frantically with Yanez as Castile sits next to her, slumped over.

Castile died approximately 20 minutes after being shot.

In November of 2016, Yanez was charged with one count of second degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm.

Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of all charges involving the death of Philando Castile in June of 2017. He was fired on the same day.

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