Samuel Dubose

43 years old

On July 19, 2015, Samuel Dubose was shot and killed by Ray Tensing in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tensing stopped Dubose, who was in his car, for a missing front license plate.

When Tensing asks for Dubose’s license, he states that he does not have it on him.

There is then a quick exchange. Tensing attempts to open the door, but Dubose pulls it closed.

Dubose then starts the car, and Tensing reaches into it and yells “stop” twice.

Tensing, claiming that he was being “dragged” by the car as it began to move, pulls his gun and shoots Dubose fatally in the head.

A grand jury indicted Ray Tensing on charges of both murder and voluntary manslaughter, and he was subsequently fired from his police department. Tesning was then released on bond.

In 2016, the first trial resulted in a mistrial as the jury could not come to an agreement. There was a second trial in 2017, but it had the same result.

A third trial was not pursued and the charges against Tensing were dismissed.

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